Water Pianism - The Podcast - Categories 1 & 2

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Enjoy only categories 1 & 2 (not the jazz category, 3) of the podcast collection. You will receive one .zip file to unzip using WinRAR or 7Zip and inside, find two folders, each containing 10 MP3 files. Simply open the folders and transfer the files to your preferred listening device or simply leave them on your computer.

Please see here for samples of all episodes: http://piano-jazz.blogspot.com/p/podcasts_19.html

You also have the choice to purchase all categories or only categories 1 & 3 (not the main piano theory category, 2). Categories 2 & 3 is not available because category 1 is the all important Water Pianism internal philosophies, without which, the other two categories would be rendered quite useless. All other options, however, are available on this store.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/danthecomposer and perhaps consider joining the Water Pianism Community for like-minded people on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/waterpianismcommunity/



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Water Pianism - The Podcast - Categories 1 & 2

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