Water Pianism Philosophy - The Guide (eBook)

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Water Pianism is a state of mind. It is not a method. It cannot be described in one sentence and is quite difficult to adhere to during the initial stages of its discovery because the ego will be blocking out anything new, unusual or which goes against its firmly held belief systems.

The Water Pianist does not study, apply, seek or eventually teach any existing or particular method. They have achieved the mindset of removing restrictive labels and recognised that exactly what is required to ‘be a pianist’ already exists within from the moment they first sat at a piano and pressed their first key to their first live performance of a Chopin Nocturne, Liszt étude, Beethoven Sonata or solo jazz improvisation.

Not once does water use force yet still it exists in a constant state of motion. Most interestingly of all, water is not conscious of a final destination. Indeed, what would it do once it had arrived?

What freedom. What pleasure. What ease.

Such is the state of mind of the Water Pianist.

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Water Pianism Philosophy - The Guide (eBook)

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